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Ready For Retirement? Check Out Our Tips In Business Insider

Are you saving enough for retirement? We had a chance to chat with reporter Laila Maidan of Business Insider about designing a personalized retirement roadmap tailored to meet your specific goals. While saving 10% to 15% of income each year is a solid rule of thumb, that advice may not be suitable for everyone. A simple […]

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Yes, You Can Still Build Wealth After 50

Congratulations! If you just turned 50, you’re in the final stretch toward retirement. With today’s longer life expectancies, you may spend thirty years or even more in retirement living off of your savings. So don’t rest on your laurels just yet. Take advantage of the next decade or so before you retire to build up […]

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My 401(k) Match Just Got Axed. Now What?

It’s another sad reflection of the coronavirus pandemic gripping our nation. Your employer has just axed the matching contribution to your 401(k) retirement plan. For the average employee that’s a loss of over $4,000 per year. What to do now? Here’s answers to your most common questions: What’s a typical 401(k) match, and how does it work? […]

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Self-Employed? Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Slash Your Taxes Before The Deadline

We’re always glad to get the word out about amazing opportunities to cut your tax bill and beef up your retirement savings at the same time. So thank you to Brett Arends of MarketWatch for asking us to chime in on how self-employed people can save money by setting up their own retirement plans. In his […]

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Another Good Reason Not To Put Off Saving For Retirement

It’s no surprise to learn that many Americans are behind on saving for retirement. But they shrug it off, rationalizing that they’ll deal with the shortfall by just working longer. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out the way they’ve planned. Here’s what happens – in real life – to these not so carefully laid plans. 50% of […]

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Boeing’s Pension Freeze: What Does It Mean For You?

Most of us aren’t covered by a pension.  But is there something we can all learn from the Boeing experience? Last week, Boeing announced it was following in the footsteps of other major U.S. corporations like Macy’s and IBM in taking steps to terminate its workers’ pension coverage. The company is freezing pension benefits for 68,000 […]

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But Can I Still Get The Gold Watch?

In 1980, roughly 4 out of 5 Americans were covered by a traditional pension plan that paid them a fixed benefit based on their length of service and salary while working. In 2013, only 1 out of 5 workers has that same type of coverage. Source: The Washington Post The Takeaway: What does that mean for you? You can’t […]

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Quote Of The Week: All It Takes Is 10%

“If you start saving about 10% when you start working, everything magically takes care of itself.” Mass Mutual CEO Roger Crandall, as interviewed in Fortune Magazine, April 29, 2013 Don’t forget that you control your retirement future by contributing to your investment and retirement accounts.

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Why Don’t Women Save As Much As Men?

Why don’t women save as much as men? A recent study conducted by two researchers at the University of Wisconsin tried to answer that question. They interviewed state government employees to discover why women working for the state of Wisconsin have lower amounts saved in their retirement plans than men. In fact, women have only 70¢ in their […]

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