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Need Financial Advice? Here’s Who Charges The Most

Many Americans don’t understand how much they pay their financial advisors, and it isn’t their fault, says Jay Shah, CEO of Personal Capital. You almost need a Ph.D. to decipher many firms’ schedule of fees and expenses, since details, charges and commissions can be hidden in the fine print or not disclosed at all. (We won’t […]

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Quote Of The Week: “How Some Advisors Were Tested And Failed”

How good is the retirement and investment advice you are getting from your advisor, especially when it comes to the “complex and all-important decisions of how to invest retirement savings?” One MIT professor put it to the test, and here’s what she found: “A majority of these (financial experts who advise people on their retirement […]

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Will You Settle For “Suitable”? Or Do You Want Better?

Would you support a rule requiring all brokers and other financial professionals to provide advice that’s in an investor’s best interest — not their own? It may surprise you, but many brokers and their trade associations oppose such a rule. Advisers who are Registered Investment Advisers, like our firm, are already held to the higher […]

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Quote Of The Week: “We’ll Trust Anyone To Manage Our Money”

Do you know the difference between financial advisers, or will you trust just about anyone to manage your money? That’s the question raised by MarketWatch’s financial columnist Priya Anand in “10 Things Investors Won’t Tell You.” Here’s how she explains it: “Brokers, advisers and financial planners all have different credentials–and different obligations toward clients. “Some […]

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Consumer Reports: Understanding The Differences Between Financial Advisors

Think financial advisors are all alike? According to Consumer Reports, many consumers do not understand the crucial differences between brokers and registered investment advisors, and how that distinction could have a big impact on their wallets. In a September 2013 article addressing some of the critical money mistakes people make, Consumer Reports Money Adviser said one big mistake is buying into […]

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