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IRS Hiring Woes Mean Continuing Tax Backlogs

Missing your tax refund? It’s all too easy to understand why. Hiring challenges, the COVID pandemic, broken printers and copiers, and millions of stimulus payments to be mailed have created unprecedented backlogs at the Internal Revenue Service. The crisis at the IRS explains in part why the Biden administration is seeking $80 billion in new […]

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How To Use Your Tax Refund To Help Your Future Self

Are you getting a tax refund? According to the IRS, the average tax refund this year was $2,780. We talked with financial reporter Maridel Reyes of Synchrony about smart ways to handle your tax refund. Sure, you can just go out and spend it, but there are better ways to use it to get yourself […]

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Got Plans For That Tax Refund?

Expecting a tax refund? This year, the average tax refund is estimated at just shy of $3,000 ($2,900 to be exact). Here’s 5 great ideas on how to put that refund to best use: Pay off credit card debt. “Using your refund to pay off a balance with an 18% interest rate is like earning […]

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