Are You Getting Your Tax Money’s Worth In Florida?

What do you get back for the taxes you pay? A lot, when you live in Florida, says new report.

Hate to pay taxes? Don’t we all.

But wouldn’t you feel better knowing you and your community get the most in benefits compared to what you pay in?

In WalletHub’s new Taxpayer Survey, researchers say Florida residents top almost all other states in getting their tax money’s worth back in benefits.

In fact, compared to other states, Florida residents rank third in getting value for their buck.

WalletHub compared state and local tax collections in each state with the quality of the services residents receive within five categories: Education, Health, Safety, Economy, and Infrastructure & Pollution.

New Hampshire and South Dakota topped the list. Florida came in third, showing very high tax benefits received in the state compared to taxes paid.

See the full report by clicking here.

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