IRS Hiring Woes Mean Continuing Tax Backlogs

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Missing your tax refund? It’s all too easy to understand why.

Hiring challenges, the COVID pandemic, broken printers and copiers, and millions of stimulus payments to be mailed have created unprecedented backlogs at the Internal Revenue Service. The crisis at the IRS explains in part why the Biden administration is seeking $80 billion in new IRS funding to restore declining budgets and beef up enforcement efforts.

As of April 30, the IRS said it had 17.1 million unprocessed individual returns in the pipeline, reports Michelle Singletary in her personal finance column for The Washington Post.

The IRS has over 4,000 unfilled positions, all for workers who would normally be reviewing and processing tax returns. Over 40% of copiers and printers used to process tax returns and prepare training materials for new hires are reportedly broken or simply out of ink, due to contracting snafus. (Personal note: I called the IRS last week with a tax query but the call was disconnected after playing the message that “the IRS was too busy to take the call.”)

One remedy? You can keep checking the “Where’s My Refund” tool at, and file your returns and correspondence electronically if at all possible.

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