Quarterly Estimates: Another Pesky Tax Guideline Moved To July 15

Last week, we had somewhat of an odd situation.

The first quarterly tax estimate, normally due April 15, was postponed to July 15.

But the second tax estimate, due June 15, was still due on June 15.

We were all a little stumped by this. The second tax estimate was due before the first tax estimate.

Of course, we all understand why. The constantly updating tax and stimulus picture is confusing, and things are literally changing by the minute.

So attention taxpayers: the IRS has now corrected this situation. The world is back to rights.

The first estimate (April 15) and the second estimate (June 15) are now both due July 15, along with your tax return, tax payments and IRA contributions for 2019.

Don’t worry. We’ll be reminding you as the dates get closer.

P.S. Do you contribute to an HSA (Health Savings Account) account?

The deadline for contributions for tax year 2019 has also been postponed to July 15, 2020.

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