Timely Tax Tips To Keep You De-Stressed During Tax Season

tax season twisterIt’s tax season again! Here’s some helpful tips for clients that we hope will make the season less stressful:

  • Due to local holidays in some regions, you have a few extra days to file your taxes and to make IRA and Roth retirement contributions. The tax deadline this year is Tuesday, April 18, 2017. If you’re a candidate for making IRA or Roth contributions, we’ll be in touch before the deadline to help coordinate your contributions.
  • Schwab is busy sending out your tax forms through the mail. Keep in mind that copies of all tax communications are available to you online 24/7 at www.schwaballiance.com.
  • Want us to send copies of tax and other reporting information directly to your tax preparer? We’re happy to do so; just ask! That’s what we are there for.
  • Don’t forget your investment management fees may be tax-deductible. In most cases, information on fees is printed right on your Schwab tax forms.
  • Any retirement rollovers in 2016? Tell your tax preparer. They may not be taxable but they should be reported.

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