Warning! Florida “Top 10” State For IRS Tax Audits


Source: TaxAudit.com

You’ve been warned.

TaxAudit.com just announced its annual  ranking of the states with the highest chance of IRS tax audits.

The good news? Florida is not at the very top of the list. The bad news? We’re still in the top 10.

Which taxpayers have the highest likelihood of being audited by the IRS?

Residents of Vermont and California have that honor, followed by Nevada, Massachusetts, Delaware, Colorado, New Jersey and then Florida. New Hampshire rounds out the top 10.

Why are these states top audit targets? In many cases, that’s where the money is. The IRS likes to audit taxpayers with higher incomes.

Want to avoid an audit? Try moving to Oklahoma. That’s the state with the lowest probability of getting audited.

Visit TaxAudit.com’s website for more background on the most common reasons for a tax audit.

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