Why Tax Planning Should Last Year-Round

city shore april 2016“It’s April, and you’ve just filed your 2015 federal income tax return.  You’re no doubt breathing a sigh of relief, thinking, “I don’t have to deal with this again until next year.”

“Sorry, but no.”

That’s Robyn Friedman, writing in April’s City & Shore Magazine, making the case for why tax planning should be a year-round affair.

We caught up with Robyn to discuss why now’s the perfect time to start planning for next year’s taxes.

Three months of the year are already over, but if you start now, you can still make an impact on next year’s tax bill.

Check out our tax pointers for Robyn in April’s City & Shore, and see how smart use of Roth conversions and easy retirement deductions can help make tax time a lot less painful next year!


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