Did You Miss Our Luncheon Seminar on Caregiving?

Did you miss the Thursday, April 19 client luncheon we hosted on caregiving featuring special guest Knyvett Lee?  Knyvett is Executive Director/CEO of CareSource, a not-for-profit social services agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is an expert in care management, guardianship and elder advocacy.

Knyvett and I first met about twenty years ago when I was a Trust Officer for a South Florida bank, and she was building a dynamic business providing care management and guardianship services to individuals in need. We worked together on many clients’ situations (with Knyvett handling  the care management while I oversaw the money management) to make sure our clients received the utmost in personalized care and attention. I know that gave our clients and their family members enormous peace of mind. (If you weren’t at the lunch, you missed the story about Doxie the dachshund! But ask and I’ll share with you an example of how Knyvett went far beyond what was ever required to make life happy and comfortable for our clients).

Thanks, again, to Knyvett, for taking the time to visit with clients in our office and answer all our questions about caring for family, loved ones, and eventually ourselves.

Knyvett also handed out to all our attendees fabulous resource kits chockfull of  great information explaining the difference between ALFs, SNFs, CCRCs and other care facilities; providing tips on how to arrange home health care (for example, should you use a home health agency, nurse registry or independent contractor, and what’s the difference between a home health aide, companion services, and skilled services). In the resource kit, Knyvett also discusses estate planning alternatives to guardianship, crisis intervention options and includes a 24-item Long Term Care and Assisted Living Check List, which can help you ask the right questions and do your homework like a “pro.” 

Lest you think that care issues are only for the elderly, Knyvett provided an important reminder to clients of all ages to get their estate planning arrangements in order.  Three key Supreme Court cases addressing “life ending decisions” have pertained not to older individuals, but to young women disabled at less than 30 years of age (Karen Ann Quinlan, Nancy Cruzan and Terri Schiavo).  Our clients know how much we stress the importance of – at minimum –  basic estate planning documents like a Durable Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, and medical directives addressing your health care needs. So if you’ve been procrastinating, time’s up! You are never too young to plan. If you don’t, the State will plan for you.  (Need an attorney?  Ask us for referrals.)

Want a copy of CareSource’s helpful information kit?  Just call or email Client Services Associate Melissa Grochal at 561-417-0001 or melissa@adamfinl.com).

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