Congratulations To CMC Professor Stacey Doan On Winning NSF Grant To Study Coronavirus Pandemic

Congratulations, Professor Doan, on winning the NSF grant! (Photo/CMC)

Congratulations to Associate Professor Stacey N. Doan, a health psychologist at Claremont McKenna College and director of the Berger Institute for Work, Family and Children, for landing a prestigious National Science Foundation grant to study the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on families with young children.

Associate Professor Doan is the principal investigator on the project. Two scientists from Pomona College and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Patricia A. Smiley and Cindy H. Liu respectively, will collaborate.

The Berger Institute has conducted research on how psychological and social factors influence health. The new NSF project will investigate how the current health crisis changes stress responses in adults and children and identify factors that might predict resilience and risk taking in individuals.

Mari is proud to be one of the first female graduates of Claremont McKenna College, and a long-time supporter and former Chair of the Berger Institute, which is based in Claremont, California. Berger Institute research projects focus on supporting women’s leadership, and cultivating skills that are necessary for successful adaptation in a rapidly changing society.


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