Grandma Gets A Job

Over 50? More mature women than ever are active in the workforce.

Older American women are working more than ever, says Quartz, a digital business-oriented news outlet.

Chalk it up to Baby Boomers who haven’t saved enough and are afraid of running out of money. By 2024, there will be twice as many women over 55 in the labor force as women aged 16-24.

There are lots of good reasons for women to work after age 50. Some just need the money due to a late-life divorce or skimpy retirement savings. Others like to keep busy, and know that work can keep your mind active and fit. For others, it’s a good way to keep employer-paid health benefits, engage in a second career, or give back to the community. And more than a few women we know work to pay for those “extras” they want, like a European cruise, college tuition for the grandkids, or other special items.

Whatever the reason, we applaud the trend! (And we’re part of it!)

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