In Your 50s? Time To Get Serious About Retirement

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With smart financial decision-making, early retirement can be smooth sailing. (Photo: MARSHA HALPER/MIAMI HERALD STAFF)

“Making smart financial decisions in the years from age 55 to retirement can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement or just scraping by,” says financial journalist Teresa Mears, writing for the Miami Herald.

Take a look at Teresa’s excellent article profiling one Miami woman who pulled off a successful financial turnaround, all thanks to some disciplined budgeting and financial self-education.

Teresa spoke with Miami financial planner Linda Lubitz Boone and myself for the “do’s and don’ts” of preparing for retirement in your 50s.

Don’t miss Teresa’s nine key tips to help you go from money management zero to early retirement hero, including maximizing your Social Security, handling debt, avoiding investing mistakes in retirement and thinking about downsizing your home.

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