Permission To Roam: Women And Travel

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The market of female travelers is growing as more women make the decision to travel alone.

Women are taking to the road in record numbers, often journeying alone or with other fellow female travelers as a way to express their independence and realize lifelong travel dreams.

“The market for women traveling alone or in groups is growing,” said Peggy Coonley, founder and president of Serendipity Traveler, a women’s travel group based in Rockport, MA, interviewed last week in a travel industry publication.

“Many more women in the U.S. are unmarried and do not have a best friend, partner, or family member who can travel with them. Women who are widowed, divorced, or single can be in the process of reinventing their lives, and travel is a tool for transformation and creating a new life chapter,” she said.

We’ve written before about the many travel groups springing up to meet the call for more female-oriented trips, many of which specialize in exotic and adventure travel. Women often prefer to travel in groups geared to other women or singles to avoid being the only “non-couple” on a trip.

Many women-oriented travel groups tend to focus more on safety, and may pick, for example, centrally-located hotels where it’s safe to walk out and explore at night on foot.

Many of our female clients have gotten into the travel groove. Instead of waiting for the “perfect” time or the “perfect” person to go with, they’re taking things into their own hands and are scheduling the trips they’ve been wanting to take for decades.

Beth Whitman, editor of Wanderlust and Lipstick, a website and travel group that sponsors exotic destination travel for women, says “there’s a general acceptance now that it’s okay for women to take time for themselves.”

She hopes to “inspire women to think out of the box in terms of what they can accomplish through their travels. Our aim is to change women’s thinking about travel so they realize they can make their dream journeys a reality.”

Full disclosure: I’m heading out later this week for some new, foreign adventures, so check back later for travel updates!

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