They Control Majority Of World’s Wealth, But Women Still Make Money Mistakes


Teresa Valdes-Fauli Weintraub

Teresa Valdes-Fauli Weintraub is one of Miami’s pioneering women in the world of finance.

She’s been a leader in global wealth management at institutions like Fiduciary Trust International of the South, Northern Trust, and Merrill Lynch, and is now global president of the International Women’s Forum, a group dedicated to giving women the networks, influence and training they need to succeed.

She’s been a role model for women ever since arriving in Miami from Cuba as a child. She knows first-hand how far women have come and how far they still have to go.

In a recent interview with Nancy Dahlberg of the Miami Herald, she talked  about the money mistakes she sees women make.

Women control a majority of the world’s assets and wealth,” says Weintraub.

While many women are the savvy investors in their families, far too many still lack “confidence in their own judgment” when it comes to financial decisions.

Women still need to learn more about investing and about their finances, she observes.

Her advice?

Women should ask questions to learn what they own, how they own it and where it is located in case they have a life-changing event,” says Weintraub.

As a Certified Financial Planner who has been practicing for many years, I can tell you that those life-changing events are much more common than you realize.

An incredible 90 percent of women will be the sole financial decision makers for their households at some point in their lives, due to divorce, widowhood, or being the chief or only breadwinner.

Weintraub also has career advice for the next generation of young female leaders:

“Be aware, be patient, be involved, be a team player. I always look for a ‘can do’ attitude,” she says.

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