What Women Execs Think About Work & Diversity In South Florida

Women execs at last week’s roundtable talk candidly about challenges and opportunities in the South Florida workplace

I attended an outstanding roundtable discussion last week featuring four of South Florida’s high-powered female executives, like (featured left to right in the photo) Suzanne Ferguson, General Counsel at Hotwire Communications; Margaret Nee, Manager of Real Estate Transactions at Baptist Health; Caroline Fleischer, Managing Principal at Cresa; and Andrea Schliessman, Senior Direction of Learning & Development at AutoNation.

The event was sponsored by RSM and the South Florida Executive Roundtable. Thank you, sponsors, for the excellent program!

It’s always interesting to hear top women executives talk about how they got where they are, juggling the demands of work and a personal life, and how they view challenges and opportunities in the South Florida workplace.

Here’s a few of the more interesting observations:

Suzanne Ferguson described how there’s been a great improvement in the talent pool in South Florida over the past 5 years, making it easier to attract and retained high-caliber associates.

Still, Andrea Schliessman admits it’s an ongoing challenge is to attract people to work in South Florida given the high cost of living. She also talked about some of AutoNation’s initiatives to attract more women into the automotive business.

Caroline Fleischer remarked that the number of South Florida women in executive and leadership roles continues to improve. Progress doesn’t happen overnight, but it is happening.

The huge number of Baby Boomers entering retirement and the Medicare/Medicaid system is an enormous challenge to the health care system, says Margaret Nee. Health care institutions in South Florida and elsewhere have to focus on how to take care of more people and still maintain a high level of service. Reaching out to the community to provide services closer to consumers, and more conveniently, is a big step.

I’ll leave the last word to Andrea Schliessman who had a wonderful comment about diversity in South Florida and why so many people love to live here. In South Florida, said Andrea, diversity happens very organically due to the mix of cultures here. The level of diversity in South Florida makes it easier for women, and would be hard to duplicate in many other areas around the country.

Thank you, speakers and organizers for the outstanding roundtable program!

The Takeaway: Working with women and helping them make smart money decisions is a big focus of what we do at Adam Financial Associates! It’s always a pleasure to meet executive women in South Florida and elsewhere, so we can learn more about their goals and money challenges, and find ways to make their financial lives easier and more rewarding! Many women are so busy with work and families that they don’t pay attention to their own investments and retirement plans until it’s late in the game. Don’t make that mistake. If you’re not giving your money the attention it deserves, get help now so you can get and stay on track.


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