Women and Work: A Personal View



You may not realize it, but I’m writing this week’s blog posts as I’m on vacation in Malta.

Malta is a fascinating island destination, offering stone remains dating back before the pyramids of Giza, and a vibrant Mediterranean culture shaped by layers of Phoenician, Roman, Arab and Crusader occupation.

But here’s the point:

After posting the blog story about how women have to juggle their professional and personal responsibilities, I sat having dinner in a charming Maltese bistro with three other women from the group I’m travelling with.

We’re all on vacation. Our kids are grown up and of college age or older. Just to get here this week, we had to juggle work, family and other responsibilities.

And as we sat in the bistro, all of us realized we had to go back to hotel earlier than normal because we had work projects to finish. We had managed to get away on vacation, and we were enjoying every single moment of it, but professional responsibilities were still calling us.

That’s probably the essence of being a professional woman today. You want to have it all, and usually you succeed, although not without making a few compromises and adjustments along the way!

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